• Ensure the general cleanliness of the environment in the state;
  • Educate the entire populace of the state on environmental sanitation matters;
  • Prevent the erection of illegal structures on walkway, drains, pathways, road verges, medians and pedestrian bridges in the state;
  • Prevent the selling and cooking of food on roads or sidewalks;
  • Prevent auto mechanics from operating on roadsides
  • Ensure that the general habit of environmental cleanliness is maintained and sustained;
  • Inform the appropriate authorities when the need to evacuate miscreants and mentally deranged people arises;
  • Give prompt information on dead bodies to the official of the Lagos State Ministry of Health of any of the State’s Local Government Area;
  • Arrest any person who commits any offence under the New Environmental Sanitation Law, 2017;
  • Assist the PUMAU by ensuring that premises are compliant with the Public Utilities Levy;
  • Ensure that commercial premises are in possession of a valid waste collection contract; and
  • Implement the enforcement of the provisions of the Law and the directives of the Honorable Commissioner in respect of the Law.
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